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Trevor Eve

A deep, authoritative voice with sincere delivery

    • Montage
    • Strong, gravelly
    • Engaging, friendly
    • Narrative
    • Artist Unplugged

Trevor rose to prominence as the lead in detective series Shoestring. He’s won not one, but two Olivier Awards, the first for his portrayal of James Leeds in Children of a Lesser God, and the second over twenty years later for his role as Dr Astrov in Uncle Vanya.  Trevor even starred alongside Olivier himself in Dracula and was directed by him as part of the Lawrence Olivier Presents series.  Lawrence aside, Trevor has constantly landed major television roles including Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd in Waking the Dead and Duncan Matlock in the Emmy award winning mini-series The Politician’s Wife. You can catch Trevor as Gilbert D’Aurillac in the Sky Original series A Discovery of Witches.

Accent(s): Neutral / RP

Age range: 60+