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Zeb Soanes

A smooth engaging voice that is calming and sincere

    • Promo Montage
    • Audiobook, characterful
    • Documentary, gravitas
    • Upbeat, smooth
    • Warm, gravelly tones

Zeb is best known for his work in radio. For over 20 years he was an authoritative newsreader and reassuring voice of the Shipping Forecast to millions of listeners on BBC Radio 4. Now he presents Smooth Classics at Seven on Classic FM, the UK’s most popular classical music station. Sunday Times readers even voted him their favourite male voice on UK radio. He was a regular on The News Quiz, reported for From Our Own Correspondent and presented BBC Radio 3’s Saturday Classics. On television, his was the first voice to launch BBC Four, where he also presented the BBC Proms.

Accent(s): RP / Neutral

Age range: 40s-50s