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Nadia Clifford

Natural, warm and down-to-earth voice

    • Narrative Reel
    • Commercial Reel
    • Comforting, Sincere
    • Clear, Enthusiastic
    • Smooth, Warm
    • Expressive, Kind
    • Narrative (Northern vs Southern)
    • Comedic, Characterful
    • Lively, (Accent parody)
    • Engaging, Expressive

After a successful career in the theatre, Nadia’s big break came when she played Dr. Svetlana Zinchenko in the Golden Globe winning miniseries Chernobyl. Prior to this, Nadia was a regular at the National Theatre, featuring in their tour of Jane Eyre and also in Pomona.

Nadia is a Manchester native with Libyan heritage. She is working towards fluency in Arabic.

Native Accent(s): Manchester*/ Neutral

Accent(s):  RP/ Spanish / Arabic (Libyan descent)

Age Range: 20s-30s