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Dawn O’Porter

A bright, clear and animated voice, with a cheerful, expressive tone.

Dawn started her television career appearing on the Channel 4 comedy show Balls of Steel, which saw her testing the morals of British men. Following this, she went to secure a publishing deal with Virgin Books for her novel, Diaries of an Internet Lover which was journal of her experiences of meeting people on the Internet. The book was very well received and went on to be published in German, Dutch and Portuguese.

Following this success, Dawn went on to present a BBC documentary Super Slim Me in which she attempted to slim down to a size zero by using drastic dieting regimes, highlighting the health implications of ‘diet culture’. The documentary enjoyed huge critical acclaim.

In 2008 Dawn presented a BBC3 series of five documentary films, exploring attitudes to nudity, lesbianism, dating and pregnancy and childbirth. She also presented and produced Seriously Dirty Dancing, a tribute to her favourite film, for Five. She then made a four-part series for Channel 4, which saw her explore various different types of marriages and relationships, episodes featured polygamy, ‘free-love’, mail-order brides and geishas.She then presented a very personal documentary, entitled My Breasts Could Kill Me which explored the experience of breast cancer, for Sky1.

2013 began a new passion for Dawn as she took up her pen and started a new section of her career. She wrote a popular monthly Glamour magazine column, and released her first novel (shortlisted for the Waterstone’s children book prize) for young adults Paper Aeroplanes published by Hot Key Books.

In 2014, Dawn fronted the RTS nominated vintage fashion show for Channel4 Primetime entitled This Old Thing and published her second novel, Goose and she has continued to have huge success writing. Dawn has since published The Cows, and her latest book “So Lucky”, which was released in October 2019, was a Sunday Times Bestseller.

Dawn is based in LA, but continues to return to the UK for various projects whether it be for TV, Radio or Literature.

Accent(s): RP / Neutral

Age Range: 30s-40s