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Daisy Haggard

Intelligent, fresh & textured voice with heaps of character & clever comedy timing.

    • Commercial Montage
    • Documentary
    • Comedy Commercial Montage
    • Beauty Commercial
    • Legals
    • Sensual Sample
    • Natural Read
    • Samsung (with Jessica Hynes)
    • Northern Accent
    • Voicereel #10

Known for her smooth and versatile voice, Daisy has made a name for herself in a host of hit television shows including Breeders, Uncle and Episodes. Audiences will also know her for her critically-acclaimed comedy-drama Back to Life, that she both wrote and starred in. The new season is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer! Have a listen to Daisy’s voice reels to hear her character and commercial work.

Accent(s): Neutral* / London* / RP / Very Versatile

Age Range: 30s