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Max Brown

A mellow, friendly voice with down-to-earth delivery

    • Commercial Montage
    • Narrative Montage
    • Smooth, Suave
    • Relatable, Clear
    • Warm, Smooth
    • Northern (Yorkshire)
    • Artist Unplugged
Max starred as Richard Ellis in Downton Abbey The Movie. He is also known for his various television roles including Edward Seymour in The Tudors, Dimitri Levendis in Spooks, King Robert in The Royals and Evan Marks in Beauty and the Beast.
His voiceover work includes various documentaries, video games (including Katlan in Fable) and advertisements. He also voiced various roles in the animation Watch the Skies.

Age range: 20’s-30’s

Accent(s): RP / Cockney / Northern (Yorkshire) / West Country / Welsh / Scottish / American